Creating successful sponsorship programs that increase revenue and add member/constituent can be a heavy lift. Education and training are pathways to achieving sponsorship program goals.

Transformational Partnerships

To realize their fundamental mission of developing and delivering learning products and services, learning businesses need revenue. Sponsorship dollars are often a key part of that revenue equation.

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Sponsorship & Member Engagement Mastery: What’s Shaping the Future

In a riveting discussion, unraveled the complexities of member engagement and corporate sponsorship programs within associations. 

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How Associations Can Overcome Today's Revenue Challenges

A dynamic discussion about corporate partnerships, increasing revenue, and driving member value. Core Adventures presents Bruce Rosenthal in this “6 Degrees of Associations” presentation on navigating the revenue challenges facing associations.

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Findings from Interviews with 100 Corporate Sponsors that Can Help Associations Improve their Sponsorship Program Success

There is a great degree of consistency among companies regarding why they decide to sponsor — or not sponsor — associations. These trends are true across a variety of association trades and professions, and association sizes.

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Grow Your Association Through Corporate Partnerships

Highlights of a webcast exploring how associations can be more successful by shifting from transactional sponsorships to transformational partnerships.

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The Future of Associations

A blog about helping associations create successful corporate partnership programs that increase revenue, add member/constituent value, and foster sustainability.

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Creating an Association Business Model for High-Value Corporate Sponsorships

If we were going to open a new restaurant, we would develop a business model before we create the menu. Similarly, if we’re going to develop an improved corporate sponsorship program, we should develop a business model before we create the list of sponsor benefits.

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The New Ways to Form Productive and Profitable Corporate Sponsorships

A podcast about how sponsorships have changed due to Covid; the new needs of corporate sponsors; how associations can effectively partner with companies; and the internal culture changes needed so associations can create successful sponsorship programs.

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Finding ways for associations and not-for-profit organizations to achieve sponsorship program progress can have long-term benefits for members and other stakeholders.